Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fashion History Resource

If you're interested in fashion history, there is a blog on tumblr that may be of interest to you called Old Rags.

The blog updates almost constantly with photos of extant clothing from various time periods. Each entry has at least one photo of an antique or vintage garment, the year it was made, the country, and the maker, if applicable. It's a great visual history of western fashion and has some great eye candy, like this embroidered, green velvet 1888 Russian Court Dress by Worth:

The house of Worth has pretty much disappeared as a fashion design house. (It was replaced by more modern high fashion houses like Channel.) However, it created some exquisite gowns during the Victorian and Edwardian era. I noticed a book devoted Worth gowns that had appeared in issues of Harper's Bazaar while I was at Costume College; I very nearly got it and may still do so in the future. The embroidery on them is usually enough to that my husband has to grab a mop to take care of the drool when I see them.

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