Friday, March 4, 2016

Glow In The Dark Dinosaur Hoodie

We recently got an unusual request here at Polkadot Orchid Embroidery: 

Can we make dinosaurs glow-in-the-dark? 

See, our client wanted a special gift for her dinosaur-loving grandson. She loved the idea of pairing dinosaur bones with the words "Future Paleontologist", but could we do something to make it even more exciting for an 8-year-old child? Is there any way to make the skeletons glow-in-the dark? 

She was thinking maybe we could do a combination of screen-printing and embroidery. However, we recommended glow-in-the-dark thread. 

Yes, there is embroidery thread that glows in the dark. In fact, there are several colors (greenish glow, pinkish glow, yellowish-glow). We went with the standard variety, which looks almost white in the daylight, but then turns an eerie green when the lights go out. 

Our client wanted a combination of green and black text to reflect the child's favorite colors. The boy was really happy with the result, and was even more surprised to find out that some of the design glows! 

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